What is motivation and where does it come from? How do we get more of it?


Before we take a dive into motivation, we should first define it and where it comes from. Motivation can be broken up into two parts, ‘motiv’ and ‘ation.’ ‘Motiv’ is a derivative of motive, which means a reason for doing something or purpose. It stems from the Latin word motivus, which means to move. ‘Ation’ is a suffix that denotes an action. It is in this way that we can define motivation as the reason or purpose for a particular action or set of actions.


Again, a motive is the reason or purpose. To motivate someone is to stimulate or provide someone with a reason or purpose to act. Motivation is what they receive and accept, the “why” or purpose for taking some action.


Now, many people feel they lack motivation in their life, in some regard or another. They put this idea of motivation outside of themselves and often up on a pedestal. And as a result, they subconsciously choose to wait to receive this “gift” of motivation before they take action. What they fail to realize when doing this, is that ‘action’ is inherent in motivation. We touched on this up above.


Action begets motivation and motivation begets action. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you don’t have one you can rely on the other. More importantly, What it means is that the ability to act is always in your control. You always have a choice. Understanding the reason and being clear on the purpose for acting may not always be completely necessary, at least at first.


We all wish to not only clearly see the path ahead of us but to understand it. What we must realize is that our path unfolds where ever we step. We just need to keep moving, one step after another. Keep moving forward.


What steps can you take today, right now, to move you forward, closer to your goals?

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