The Kettlebell

~ “what is that thing!?”
Me: “It’s basically a cannonball with a handle on it.”
~ ” … and what do you do with it?” 
Me: “You swing it around!”


Over the past three years, I have grown to be a huge proponent of Kettlebells. They are a particular implement that falls under the umbrella term of unconventional training modalities. Conventional training modalities include traditional resistance or weight lifting (i.e. olympic and power lifts), running, sprinting, cycling etc. Other unconventional implements include Steel Maces,  Battle Ropes, and sandbags.

The primary movement with the kettlebell is the swing, and in that alone, there are a lot of variations, all of which target several muscle groups throughout the entire movement. This was the main thing that drew me to them. Something about throwing and tossing around weight just seemed like the right thing to do.

Not knowing much about anything, I thought it a good idea to begin with a 16kg (35/36lb). In retrospect, I should have started with a lighter weight so I could 1) complete a full workout, and 2) learn all the movements faster and more effectively. As with most things that involve fitness, especially multipoint movements, quality of execution supersedes quantity of repetitions and sets.

If you are interested in Purchasing some, look no further than the Onnit Kettlebells! Here is what I use, but they have options for every person and fitness level.

Onnit Werewolf Legend Bell (62lbs) – Custom Sculpted, Perfectly Balanced Iron Kettlebell

As for some quick workouts, go on over to my page about Kettlebell Workouts!

For 10% off Onnit products click here!



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