110 Year Old You

IMG_0546Lets say that time travel is possible, or maybe being able to communicate forwards and backwards in time, and you wanted to seek out the wisdom of your future self. If the 110-year old version of you were to sit down and impart some timeless wisdom but only had one, three, or five minutes, what would he/she say to you right now? Before writing take 10-15 minutes to meditate on this.

My answer:

“Abandon everything you think you are suppose to do right now. It will find you when you are not looking and ready. Do not put so much pressure on this idea or need for “certainty.” It is paralyzing you. Not to say you won’t get there, just that there is a better way.

Learn to let go. Let that empower you. Pour your Heart and Soul into You! What makes you feel good? What are you doing when you are happiest? Start with those things. Do more of that.

I can’t give you the exact instructions you are looking for. This is because there are endless paths that lead to where I am at. You are the only one who decides which paths you will take to reach me. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you were Awake when you made your decision?”

I got this idea from Brian Johnson’s book A Philosopher’s Notes. I highly recommend his book if you are interested in constantly improving yourself and striving for your highest potential everyday in order to live your best possible life imaginable. I encourage you to make some time for this exercise and be open to what it may do for you.

Share your response below.

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