“A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting.” 

~ Carlos Casteneda


People often say Knowledge is power. But knowledge is simply potential. Power comes from the application of knowledge. Without action power is reduced to potential and potential doesn’t get you out of bed and bringing home the bacon.

This blog is intended to share ideas, tools, and actions that will compliment you on your path to greater versions of yourself. I know very little about a lot of things, but want to know more so I can do more and be more. A sure way to do that is to teach/share what little I know so far. If I can help you in some small way on your path, then that makes it all worth it.

I am a proponent of a growth mindset. Additionally I believe in operating with Humility. That being said, I am not necessarily attached to everything I share here. Nothing is absolute and often I am wrong to some degree, or at least not 100% correct. However, I consistently strive for greater clarity and understanding in everything. So I encourage you do to do the same. Just as with life, this too is a co-creation, so I encourage your engagement.

Let’s see where this takes us.